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POA - pacific ocean area (20AF 2 missions are flown during the night of 29/30 Jun. CBI - burma-india theater (10AF In Burma, 23 P-47s support forces of the Chinese 50th Division in the Hsipaw area; 4 P-38s, supporting the British 36 Division, bomb artillery positions NE of Mogok; 12 B-25s blast a fuel dump. Monday, TO - aleutian islands (11AF The 11AF dispatches its last combat mission when 6 B-24s radar-bomb the Kashiwahara Staging Area on Paramushiru Island with incendiaries, leaving huge columns of smoke. Airfields, shipyards, and other targets in the Borneo, Celebes and Lesser Sunda Islands also sustain light raids, by feaf fighters and bombers, which also fly armed reconnaissance. During the night of 27/28 Feb, 9 B-24s, flying snooper strikes out of Guam, bomb airfields, radio stations, and the town of Okimura on Haha Jima Island. 313 B-24s are sent to hit the Rothensee oil plant at Magdeburg (10 268 hit the secondary target, the marshalling yard at Magdeburg; targets of opportunity are Tarchen (9) and Quackenbruck Airfield (1 the Magdeburg attacks are made. Swpa - feaf theater OF operations (5AF13AF On Mindanao Island, B-24s bomb the Konel area while B-25s and B-24s hit the village and AA positions near Zamboanga and dock area at Isabela. 95 of 98 P-51s fly a freelance sweep for the bombers; they claim 33-2-14 aircraft; 6 P-51s are lost. Thursday, TO - aleutian islands (11AF On Shimushu Island in the Kurile Islands, 5 B-24s visually bomb Kataoka Naval Base and 1radar-bombs Kokutan Zaki and returns to base (600 miles or 966 km) on 3 engines. Southwest pacific theater OF operations (feaf HQ 2 Combat Cargo Group and 7th and 8th Combat Cargo Squadrons move from Dulag, Leyte to Okinawa with C-46s. On Luzon, B-25s and P-38s support ground forces in areas N of Baguio, SSE of Mankayan, S of Kabayan, SE of Cervantes, near Kiangan, and NW of Infanta.

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B-24s bomb Tarakan and Labuan Airfields in Borneo. Swpa - feaf theater OF operations (5AF13AF The Hong Kong docks are again bombed by B-24s. Mission 928: 1,358 bombers and 662 fighters attack marshalling yards, ordnance depots, armament works and airfields in Germany; they claim 8-0-6 aircraft; 10 bombers and 1 P-51 are lost:. 99 of 114 B-17s hit Ahlhorn Airfield; 13 others hit the marshalling yard at Oldenburg, a target of opportunity; 1 B-17 is lost; 9 airmen are MIA. ETO - european tactical operations (9AF All operations are cancelled due to weather. In Borneo, B-25s continue support of ground forces on Tarakan Island and, with B-24s, carry out small raids against numerous targets on Borneo and Celebes, Manggar Airfield is heavily hit by B-24s and P-38s and USN airplanes hit warehouses in the Brunei Bay area. ETO - airborne operations (IX Troop Carrier Command HQ 436th Troop Carrier Group and 79th, 80th, 81 and 82TCSs begin a movement from Melun, France to the US with C-47s. B-24 units moving from Italy to the US: HQ 98th and 343d, 344th, 345th and 415BSs from Lecce; HQ 376BG(H) and 512th, 513th, 514th and 515BS(M) from San Pancrazio. HQ 10PRG and the 15TRS move from Doncourt Airfield, Conflans and Giraumont, France respectively to Evren Airfield, Trier, Germany with F-6s; the 393and 394FSs, 367FG, move from St Dizier to Conflans, France with P-47s; and the 411FS, 373d. 344 of 352 B-24s attack the Krupp Germania U-boat yard at Kiel; 2 B-24s are damaged. Mission 900: 12 B-24s drop leaflets in the Netherlands and Germany and 2 A-26s fly carpetbagger missions (1A-26 is lost).

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: Weather prevents operations by the 9th BombardmentDivision. ETO - european theater OF operations viii Fighter Command: HQ 96BW(H) begins a movement from Ketteringham, England to the US; the 653BS (Light, Weather Reconnaissance 25BG(R moves from Watton to Chalgrove, England with Mosquito XVIs; the 728th, 729th, 730th. P-51s sweep the Augsburg, Germany, Plzen, Czechoslovakia, and Linz, Austria areas, escort reconnaissance missions flown by P-38s, and escort mataf B-25s and C-47s on bombing and supply operations. Mission 254: 131 B-29s hit the Kofu urban area destroying.3 sq miles (2.7 sq km 65 of the city; 1other B-29 hits an alternate target. B-25s hit Zettle Field on Jolo Island, Philippine Islands. Swpa - feaf theater OF operations (5AF13AF B-24s bomb the town of Koshun, Formosa. HQ 91Photographic Wing(R moves from Leyte Island to Mindoro Island. On Kyushu Island, Japan, 58 B-24s hit airfields at Tomitaka and Usa. Other B-24s and B-25s hit the airfield, butanol plant, and railroad yards at Kagi, Formosa while A-20s sweep other rail targets. ETO - airborne operations (IX Troop Carrier Command HQ 435th Troop Carrier Group moves from Welford Park, England to Bretigny, France. 30 of 32 P-51s fly a scouting missions without loss. ...

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ZI - zone OF interior: The first atomic bomb is successfully exploded at Los Alamos, New Mexico. MTO - strategic operations (15AF About 380 B-17s and B-24s hit the marshalling yards at Villach, Worgl, Knittelfeld, and Klagenfurt, Austria and Udine, Italy, plus Kitzbuhel, Austria railroad junction; 140 P-38s and P-51s provide escort; some of the. All 219 B-24s dispatched hit the Rothensee oil refinery at Magdeburg visually; they claim 1-0-0 aircraft; 4 B-24s are lost and 77 damaged; 3 airmen are WIA and 39 MIA. Southwest pacific theater OF operations (feaf Unit moves: HQ xiii BC from Morotai Island to Clark Field, Luzon; and 67TCS, 433TCG, from Clark Field, Luzon to Iwo Jima with C-46s. 32 of 37 P-51s escort. 122 P-47s and P-51s escort. 452 B-24s are dispatched to hit marshalling yards at Halberstadt (51 Sangerhausen (11 Nordhausen (30 Vienenburg (23 Peine (52 Hildesheim (55 Kreiensen (48 and Northeim (48 targets of opportunity are Nordhausen (11 Ottbergen (10 the rail and highway.

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